Box of 8 Pecan Chocketos as it comes delivered
8 Pecan Chocketos
The Keto Bakery

8 Pecan Chocketos

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Rich dark chocolate, indulgent brownie bites with a Pecan twist. Delivered to your door,  just unwrap and enjoy. 

INGREDIENTS: Egg, Almond flour, Butter, Xylitol, Cacao powder, Pecan


ALLERGENS: See ingredients in bold. May also contain traces of other nuts, peanuts and sesame. Contains Polyols.*


HOW TO CALCULATE NET CARBS when on Keto in the UK consuming products produced here. 

Carbs - Polyols = Net carbs 

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS:  Store in fridge for 7 days. Can be frozen for up to 3 months. 


*Excessive consumption of foods containing polyols can lead to laxative effects.